Wellness Events

Getting Healthy With Enjoyment

At Rejuve, we believe that Wellness Days are important for the assessment of employees and to provide real time awareness, guidance and tips.


There are many reasons why these days are so popular.


They include:

  • Clinical Risk Assessments

  • Health Risk Assessments (HRA) / Blood Screening

  • Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) / HIV/AIDS

  • Lifestyle Assessments & Workshops

  • Nutrition Assessments & Workshops

  • Fitness / Exercise Assessments & Workshops

  • Demonstrations

  • Stress Relief Workshops & Programs

  • Pain Relief Services

  • Team Building Wellness Activities

  • Talks

  • Catering (Health)

  • Self Defense Workshops

  • Alternative Wellness Assessment & Solutions

  • Posture/Ergonomic Programs

  • CPR & Emergency Services (EMS)

  • Catering

  • Gifts

  • Flyers

For a detailed list of services and to book your wellness day, please click the link below and submit your Wellness Day Form.