Meet The Team

The Rejuve Team - creating fighting fit workforces

Bradley Silberman

founder & MD

Brad has trust in the universe and lives with pure optimism, energy, passion and purpose.

Brad's passion is to create fighting fit, happy and healthy people and organizations.

Brad holds a bachelor's degree in commerce and entrepreneurship and has completed various courses in massaging, healing, meditation and life coaching.

Brad also provides talks/workshops/courses to live life successfully. 

Simply put, Brad is a gap-explorer, innovator, motivator, coach and transformer with the objective of making the word a better place.

The Rejuve Team - creating fighting fit workforces


The Rejuve Team is made up of the best of the best professionals around the country.


These professionals have been assessed and accredited and understand the purpose and mission of Rejuve.


The Rejuve team is one that delivers a service of par excellence on a national footprint