Mental & Physical Health 



Call us at any time when you need help with:

  • Death

  • Mugging, Assault, Robbery and Crimes​​

  • Domestic Violence, Rape or Abuse

  • Hijacking

  • Kidnapping

  • Trauma, Disasters and Accidents

  • Fires

  • Emergency Medical Advice

  • Any Stress, Anxiety, Mental Health and Challenges

Face-to-face sessions will be arranged if the professional suggests that you would benefit further from it.

Personal Health


Call us at any time when you

  • Feeling sick and need help

  • Need to take medication and you not sure what to take

  • You need help with any diseases 

  • You or your loved ones have been poisoned

  • Need to access a health library for information on health advice

Emergency Medical Ambulances

​Call us at any time when:

  • You need an ambulance

  • You need to be taken to hospital

  • You are in an emergency