Affordable Health Benefits

24/7 Health Hotline

You have access at any time to call our hotline for any physical or emotional support like COVID-19, any illness, any stress, relationship problems, HIV/Aids support, Gender based violence, crimes, chronic pain, maternity, or anything you need.

Panic Button

You have access to a USSD panic button to call an armed response security officer at any time.

Tele Doctor

You have access at any time to our General Practitioners that will consult with you over the phone, provide guidance, referrals, prescription 
medication and sick notes.

Accidental Hospitalisation

  • Emergency Medical Transportation, Evacuation and In-hospital medical costs covered up to R25,000:

    • Over 2,000 service providers.

    • Most of SADC Region Coverage.

    • Evacuation done by ambulance, helicopter or fixed wing planes (T+Cs apply).

  • Emergency Hospital Cash in case of accident of up to R1,000 per day:

    • Up to 90 days. 

    • First 24 hours excluded

  • ​Up to R25,000 Accidental Death Benefit and Permanent Disability Benefit:

    • Terms & Conditions Apply