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Who is Rejuve?

Rejuve is a leading health, wellness and change management expert for individuals, staff, executives and the corporate environment.


Rejuve's mission and passion is to enhance and uplift people. The objective is to live a happy, healthy and fighting fit life.

Through scientifically proven methods we help create balance and fulfillment, thus ensuring healthier and happier individuals.

Brad Silberman, founder, CEO, Author and speaker created Rejuve after experiencing a life changing accident that taught him to live each day as his last. At the age of 22 he had to learn to walk, talk, eat, bath – everything we take for granted - all over again. 


He overcame brain damage to discover his purpose of uplifting those around him. He does this by providing an unparalleled service operation with the services below.



Rejuve’s passion & service help people understand how to get healthy with enjoyment.


We do this by providing an experience that shifts mental awareness with the objective of sustainable health & wellness.

It’s all about choices! We are here to assist people in choosing the correct path to suit their physical, emotional & spiritual well being.


Rejuve Pharmacy Benefit

This is what is in urgent need of as it provides people in Africa with valuable day to day health care solutions and benefits at very affordable prices 

Talks, Courses

& Workshops

There is nothing better than the transfer of knowledge by a specialist that provides interactive, fun and valuable sessions 



We believe that Wellness Events are important for connecting with people and providing real time assessments, awareness and  guidance

Catering & Interventions

Rejuve gives clients what they want when they want it by providing healthy and energy boosting food & beverage offerings.



Contact Us

Day to day healthcare, talks, workshops, Corporate health and wellness, healthy catering and wellness programs is what we do

​Please feel free to contact me at any time.

If you have any questions, need any services or would like to connect, then please reach out:

Tel: +2783 309 0264 |  Email: info@rejuve.co.za

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